Hugus Hounds has always been my dream. I have two beagles (Max and Mabel) who I would lovingly describe as escape artists! We wanted to create a space for dog lovers to exercise their dogs safely in a secure enclosure. The space is perfect for recall and training practice or for those dogs who may need their own space.

The field is approximately 3 acres and is fenced to to a height of 4.5-5ft. The space includes a bench for owners, play tyres, weaving poles and agility jumps. 

A dog waste bin and water are provided. We kindly ask that owners are vigilant and pick all poo to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for yourselves and others All owners must assess the suitability of the space before letting their dog off lead. We are more than happy to show you around at a mutually convenient time before booking..

Access and Location

Hugus Hounds is located in Besore, just outside Threemilestone in Truro.

The field is accessed on our family farm by a locked gate. Parking is provided in a double gated area and additional parking with a turning space. All dogs must be kept on a lead on the farm lane and in the car parking area until you have entered the double gated area and closed the gate.


Please search for our pinned location on Google Maps.




Hugus Hounds

Hugus Farm